Our Philosophy

We fund companies at Seed and pre-Series A Stage with up to seven-digit investments. In addition to the invested capital, the main value of our involvement results from our experience, active support and collaboration with the founders. Working closely together we help the founders build innovative tech companies that have the potential to make our world a better place.

We support our portfolio startups 360°. We help with product, business development, sales, operations, finance, HR – and everything else that is necessary to help the startups grow. After our investment, we work with the founders on the roadmap for the next 12-24 months in order to achieve specific milestones and secure the required funding with reliable and well-known partner investors. Based on this approach, we only make 1-3 investments per year in order to offer full hands-on support.

How we make a difference

We make bold investments

We are not afraid of writing the first check, if we believe in your vision. Even if nobody else does. And since we invest our own money, we have the freedom to do so.

We think long term

With our long term investment horizon, we are prepared to grow your company with you over an extended period of time. We are not looking for a quick exit.

We open up our Network

Not only will we get you on a table with the right business partners, experts and potential customers - we’ll be right there with you on that table.

We are founders

Being founders ourselves, we know the challenges that lie ahead and are eager to share our experience and put in the extra hours to help build up your company. We truly do have a hands-on mentality.

Technology comes first

We understand and are passionate about technology. We don’t just look at KPIs, we first want to get to know the core of your product and are able to offer technical support.

We are purpose-driven

We believe that technology is our biggest chance to overcome global challenges which is why we are willing to take higher risks for purpose-driven innovations.