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New Technologies are shaping our future

Within the next decade, our world will change radically. Many new technologies like AI, Robotics, synthetic biology and Quantum-Computing are moving from research labs into our everyday lives. This is our biggest opportunity to improve quality and sustainability of life. We need to embrace new technologies to shape a bright future.

Startups are a key driver for innovation and progress. At the core, this belief and our passion for working with visionary minds is what inspires us every day. Building a company is insanely tough. With over two decades of experience, we’re here to tackle the challenges of building and scaling your startup together. We’re your long-term partner in building a European Tech Champion.

We are your long term partner

We partner with companies at the Seed and pre-Series A Stages. Besides our capital, the main value is our experience, active support and collaboration with the founders. Working closely together, we help visionaries build innovative tech companies that have the potential to make our world a better place.

After our investment, we work on a comprehensive roadmap for the next 12-24 months to prepare your Startup for a great Series A. We define the responsibilities of Freigeist and the Startup team and see if and how external partners can help effectively. Based on this approach, we only make 1-2 investments per year to offer full hands-on support.

The real value of our investment goes far beyond the capital

We make bold investments

We are fearless in writing the first check for a crazy mission. Even if no other VC believes in you. And since we invest our own money, we are fast and patient.

We think long term

With our long term investment horizon, we are prepared to grow your company with you over decades. We are not looking for a quick exit.

We open up our network

Not only will we get you on a table with the right business partners, experts and potential customers - we’ll be right there with you on that table.

We thrive for a better World

We believe that technology is our biggest chance to overcome global challenges and we are willing to take higher risks for purpose-driven innovations.

We are a team of serial founders

Being founders ourselves, we know the challenges that lie ahead and are eager to share our experience and put in the extra hours to help. We truly do have a hands-on mentality.

We love technology

We understand and are passionate about technology. We don’t just look at KPIs, we first want to truly understand your product and technology.


Supporting our portfolio startups 360°, we help with product, coding, business development, sales, operations, finance, HR, - and everything else that is necessary to build a successful company.

Meet your extended Team

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

Meike Schult

Team up with the right people to bring your vision to life

— Meike Schult

What founders say about us

“Freigeist was the first VC to invest in our vision when most people still considered it science fiction. Alex helped us in the early stage of software development, and Marc became interim CFO for our Series B round. With their financial and entrepreneurial support, we’re able to make our vision of affordable, sustainable air mobility a reality.”

Daniel Wiegand
CEO Lilium

“I feel privileged to work with and learn from the Freigeist team. Ever since they joined us, we’ve improved significantly in many areas of our business – technology roadmap, sales, HR. It is incredibly important for a deep tech founder to have reliable and long-term visionary partners.”

Raycho Raychev
CEO Endurosat

“The team of Freigeist is not only a long-term partner of me, we have become friends over the years. They were the first investor and helped build up Wunderlist. Today we cooperate on new European technology ventures. Freigeist is a product- and technology-driven investor with a long-term vision.”

Christian Reber
CEO Pitch

“Freigeist has a hands-on mentality that we as a small team highly appreciate. They have not only invested their capital but also countless hours of their time and energy in finding the right partners. With their connections within the energy industry, we were able to greatly accelerate our mission of becoming an enabler for the energy transition.”

Martin Schichtel
CEO Kraftblock

“We went from a small ERP firm based in Augsburg to a Hidden Champion and potential market leader in just under 2 years with the ongoing support of the Freigeist team. They helped us get the right talent on board, create the next generation of our product, and secure funding from the best partners during our Series A led by Sequoia Capital.”

Benedikt Sauter
CEO xentral