Investment Application

Freigeist Capital receives many pitch decks every day. Some of which are really great but unfortunately the majority of them are poorly prepared or fail to bring across the company’s mission. We have set up this application tool to give great applications the chance to excel. What qualifies as a great application to us?

Instead of sending us a bunch of slides showing the multi-billion dollar market potential and the expected millions of revenue that you will realize in a couple of years, focus on precisely presenting your idea, your product and most importantly your vision.

Of course, we will have to take a look at the targeted market potential, but first of all, we really need to understand you and your company!

Can you explain what your product does or what problem it solves in one sentence?

Besides the vision of your company, execution and team are crucial to us. Keep in mind that there are many great ideas out there. You will need to convince us that you and your team are capable of realizing that idea and building a big company. You need to have an advantage over your competitors. We want to know all about your team and its skills.

One last advice: Do not ignore challenges and obstacles. Try to look at your company from our perspective: After acquiring a good understanding of your idea, we will start challenging it and find potential problems. Of course, we are all keen on the upside potential, but we do need to look at possible risks. So, be realistic and communicate openly. We want to not only provide capital but, as an active early-stage and seed investor, want to grow your company and solve problems together with you.

We invest €100k to €1m equity. In exceptional cases, we might deviate from this range. We get deeply involved, are willing to build the company with you and feel responsible for e.g. product, sales, and funding. We see ourselves more as co-founder than investor, but all that input requires a stake of 15 - 25%.

We will treat the information you enter into this form confidentially and will not share them with third parties without your prior agreement. If your Application gets rejected you will be informed and your data will be deleted within 7 days. For more details, please have a look at our Privacy Policy.