The Future of Mobility and Transportation

Current situation and challenges

With a faster moving world, we see an increasing demand for transportation. And it is not only people that need to be moved from A to B as fast as possible, but also goods.

Unfortunately, our current types of mobility come with a downside: Combustion engines harm the environment. With over 8.05 gigatons of carbon emissions, the transportation sector makes up for around a quarter of the global carbon emissions, and projections have shown that those carbon emissions could double by 2050.

Another challenge is urbanisation: it is estimated that as of today, 4 billion people - 54% of the global population - live in urban areas. Projections show that by 2050, that number could increase to 68%, causing even more congested streets - which are already a problem today.

Freigeist’s view on technologies

E-Mobility can help decrease emissions drastically. However, further research is needed for cleaner and more efficient and affordable batteries as well as alternatives like hydrogen propulsion, which can be an attractive transportation mode especially for long distances if made suitable for large-scale use.

AI, robotics and drones will make the logistic sector faster, more efficient and more eco-friendly.

By moving transportation up to the air and thus shifting from 2D mobility to 3D transportation, we can avoid the consequences of increasing urbanisation. Examples are flying taxis for people, or drones for the last mile delivery of goods.

Innovations like hyperloop can add to a cleaner, cheaper and faster transportation. Autonomous driving will help to cost-efficiently connect remote or rural areas and make freight traffic more efficient and eco-friendly. Furthermore, it will make transportation safer as 90% of all accidents are caused by human failure.

As for public transport, smart software and data can make current mobility concepts more efficient, along with micro mobility for short distances.

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